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Brass mounted fire steel

Brass mounted fire steel

The Resources section is full of essential information for use before, during and after your education visit.

Travellers Accounts — For centuries, continental Europeans have come to Wales. During the Romantic period some came seeking a rural idyll, whilst others in the Victorian era travelled as industrial spies, and during times of war many refugees escaped to Wales to find shelter from persecution. They have written extensively about their experiences in diaries, letters, books and magazines and novels.

  • The European Travellers to Wales 1750-2010 project uncovered a vast number of these travel accounts — mostly written in French or German. These can be explored through the database which contains summaries of over 400 travel accounts, some of which include references to our historic sites.
  • Journey to the Past  builds on this, combining historical sources with new technologies. New translations of the travel descriptions, digitised material from the special archives and collections of the Royal Commission and new digital resources, including a VR experience of Tintern Abbey during the Romantic period, all help give a new insight into the history and culture of Wales.
  • The Age of The Princes includes primary and secondary resources sourced from Wales. They look at Welsh history during this period from a Welsh, British and European perspective, not just the relationship between Wales and England. They are designed to support the new curriculum in Wales, with an emphasis on developing literacy, numeracy and digital literacy skills. You can download them free from the Hwb website by following these links:

        Overview: The Age of the Princes

        Evidence: The Age of the Princes

  • The List of Historic Place Names of Wales is a groundbreaking and innovative resource that contains hundreds of thousands of place names collected from historical maps and other sources. It provides a fascinating insight into the land-use, archaeology and history of Wales. Go to to explore place names near you.
  • Education Packs — We have developed a number of resources specifically designed to the National Curriculum and year groups for you to use in class and during visits to Cadw sites.
  • Castles of Wales — Learn how castle building in Wales developed over the years.
  • Treasure chests — At a selection of the sites in our care, treasure chests full of replica historical artefacts are available for education groups to use during their visit.
  • CGI Reconstructions — Rebuilding the past with the latest technology
  • Useful words
  • Guidance for group/school visits — We have guidance for group/school visits leaflets available to download for a selection of the monuments in our care.
  • Notes for teachers — If you’re stuck for ideas for your education visit to Blaenavon Ironworks, Chepstow Castle, Conwy Castle, Din Lligwy Hut Group or Tintern Abbey, download our notes for teachers for inspiration.
  • Understanding character — No two places share a history, so every place has a unique historic character, which is a powerful asset in regeneration. Understanding that character and how it was formed is the foundation for planning, design and management that sustains local distinctiveness.
  • Puzzling People — From Gilbert de Clare to William Burges, can you help put the lives of Wales’s heroes and heroines in order? Download our quizzes and take them with you to the relevant Cadw sites.
  • Dylan Thomas 100 — An innovative project to create poems and films that commemorate the life of Dylan Thomas. The imaginative resources that were produced as part of the project can be downloaded from our website, and can be used to develop literacy at any of Cadw's sites.
  • Castell Coch Victorian resources — The Castell Coch and Cardiff nineteenth century timeline game has been designed to introduce pupils to the Key Stage 2 history topic of change in the nineteenth century.
  • Films — bringing history to life in the classroom.
  • Get Creative — As can be seen from our other resources, our sites aren't just for learning about history.  How might you use our sites in more creative ways? Use our links to spark ideas.
  • Basingwerk Abbey Resource Pack